Thermosetting Resins 2020 Conference

Date:29 September to 1 October 2020
Place:Berlin, Germany

Hotel - Leonardo Royal Berlin Alexanderplatz
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Audience:International Conference
Topics:Chemistry and Formulation of Thermosetting Resins including Bio-based Materials and Non-toxic Monomers

Recyclable and Reshapable Thermosets, e.g. Vitrimers

Processing and Application of Thermosetting Resins, e.g. 3D-Printing, Composites, Alternative Curing Methods

Characterization and Properties of Thermosets, e.g. FST-Behavior, Toughness, (low)Viscosity

Modeling and Simulation of Thermosets, e.g. Solubility Parameters, Processing
Registration fees:
975.00 EURO (+19% German VAT)

reduced conference fee for speakers and poster presentations
675.00 EURO (+19% German VAT)

reduced conference fee for plenary speakers
450.00 EURO (+19% German VAT)

free sponsorship tickets in some of the sponsorship/exhibitor packages available

Registration will open October 1st, 2019.